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What is BC TEAL?

The Association of British Columbia Teachers of English as an Additional Language (BC TEAL), established in 1967, is an organization of educators dedicated to the growth and development of the profession of English language teaching.

The role of the BC TEAL Association is to help our Members better serve English language learners in realizing their goals. As EAL professionals, we reach thousands of learners each year, and it is through our collective efforts that our work continues to progress/improve/evolve.

A professional association is essential to a body of professionals who share a common expertise, and accountability is achieved through the research and practical experience amassed by the collective efforts of the associated individuals whose efforts move the field of practice forward.

For educators engaged in English language teaching in British Columbia, membership in the provincial association, BC TEAL, indicates a profound commitment to their peers and the profession they share. Engaging in professional conferences and networking events, we explore, dialogue and improve on every aspect of our work. The value of the professional association is immeasurable. This is BC TEAL and we invite you to join BC’s largest community of EAL professionals and to learn more about the scope of our activities.

What are the benefits of joining BC TEAL?

There are many reasons why professionals require a local network, and membership in BC TEAL offers numerous benefits and rewards. Being part of a professional organization also indicates initiative, leadership and commitment.

BC TEAL and its members contribute to professionalism in our field by providing a forum and meeting place to share their knowledge and experience, challenge theories and assumptions, and engage with others who share similar goals.  A fuller list of BC TEAL activities, member benefits and facts can be viewed under BC TEAL Activities, Facts and Benefits.

  • Member access to the BC TEAL website, offering various services and information
  • The “TEAL NEWSLETTER”, published three times a year, containing information on professional development events, conference and workshop reports, book reviews, opinion articles and teaching ideas
  • Discounted rates for the Annual BC TEAL Conference which provides workshops, international speakers, publishers’ displays and much more
  • Discounted rates for the BC TEAL Regional Conferences offered three times per year in the BC Interior, Lower Mainland, and Vancouver Island
  • Scholarships and Awards available through the B.C. TEAL Charitable Foundation (TCF)
  • Access to the BC TEAL Special Interest Groups
  • Access to BC TEAL Teacher Inquiry Groups
  • Voting rights at the BC TEAL Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Email Alerts of Job Postings for teaching positions and other professional opportunities

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