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What are Teacher Inquiry Groups?

Teacher Inquiry Groups refer to a particular approach to teacher research and professional development in which small groups of teachers meet monthly or bi-weekly to explore together specific topics relevant to their teaching or professional practice. The inquiry is focused and systematic and could take different forms, such as reading and discussing a text together or conducting research.

Teacher Inquiry Group principles:

  • Designed to build communities of practice
  • Small groups (2-10)
  • Voluntary participation
  • Discrete period of committed meetings
  • Explicit and clear focus for meetings and inquiry
  • Non-hierarchical but results-oriented (vs. brainstorming)
  • Collaborative decision-making and interpretative processes
  • Oriented on the development of reflective practice

BC TEAL’s Teacher Inquiry Group Initiative

BC TEAL’s Teacher Inquiry Groups program is intended to support members to self-organize into groups as collaborative professional development teams through a program that includes the following:

  • Four (4) annual awards of $500 to support Teacher Inquiry Groups
  • One (1) annual award  of $1000 to applicant Teacher Inquiry Group to attend a major regional or national conference to present the results of their inquiry
  • NOTE:  The following are required in the application: a) a key contact person (i.e., Principal Investigator); b) at least two members, if possible from two or more institutions, sites or programs; c) the overall topic and specific questions guiding the inquiry.
  • The following outcomes are requested of all funded Teacher Inquiry Groups: a) a brief final Board report on how the funding was spent and on the results and activities of the Group; b) a conference presentation during the annual BC TEAL conference in the spring; and c) a brief working paper (Brief) for publication on the BC TEAL website and in the TEAL News.
  • Teacher Inquiry Groups are also encouraged to pursue publication of their work in other EAL journals.

Click here to download Application for BC TEAL Teacher Inquiry Group Funding

Click here to download Application for BC TEAL Annual Teacher Inquiry Group Conference Award

Online Forum

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The links bellow provide additional information about reflective practice and action research.

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