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BC TEAL Honourary Lifetime Contributors

Through our Honourary Lifetime Contributor Award, BC TEAL seeks to recognize professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of English as an Additional Language.

Lifetime Contributors are individuals who have been members in good standing with BC TEAL for over 10 years and who have set a positive example for other members as well as the students that have been served by their contributions.

Nominations Procedure

Nominations for Lifetime Contributors occur every 2 years and selection is announced at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). A Call for Nominations, including requirements for nomination submissions, is issued in the BC TEAL Newsletter or sent via email to the BC TEAL Membership prior to the Annual Conference and AGM. Any BC TEAL member may nominate an individual to become an Honourary Lifetime Contributor.

Submissions are reviewed and a nominee is selected by the BC TEAL Executive Board of Directors. A plaque is awarded to the recipient along with a letter from the President of BC TEAL. Recipients of the Lifetime Contributor Award are published in the TEAL Newsletter following the AGM.

If you would like to nominate a colleague to become an Honourary Lifetime Contributor, please complete the online nominations form.

Recent Award Recipients:

Michael Galli, 2017
Shawna Williams, 2017
Eilidh Singh, 2015
Robin Russell, 2012

Current Lifetime Contributors

The following Lifetime Contributors of BC TEAL are honoured for their numerous and invaluable contributions to the ESL profession in British Columbia and farther afield.

Nick Collins

Nick Collins started teaching English in 1964 in the Canary Islands and has taught in Canada since 1967. He served as TEAL President for 4 years in the 80s and then as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President and President of TESL Canada. He was the Local chair for TESOL 92, the Chair of TESOL 96 in Chicago [...]

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Michael Galli (2017)

Michael Galli has had a storied career in EAL in British Columbia. Upon coming to BC in in 2005, he quickly became involved with BC TEAL. Prior to moving to BC, he was involved in teaching EAP for approximately 15 years in Ontario. With BC TEAL, he served as Secretary (2006-2007), President (2007-2012), and then [...]

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Lee Gunderson (2009)

Dr. Lee Gunderson is a Professor and former Head of the Department of Language and Literacy Education at the University of British Columbia where he teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in second language reading, language acquisition, literacy acquisition, and teacher education. He has served as a pre-school teacher, a primary-level elementary teacher, a reading [...]

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Ernie Hall

Ernest Hall,¬† a former journalist, was TEAL president from 1985-89, during a time of exciting innovations in TEAL. He had previously served as Editor of the Newsletter. During his term the Westcoast Reader funding was solidified, the TESLCanada Journal was created, TRI-TESOL was introduced in Seattle and the TEAL Charitable Foundation-the world’s first Foundation operated [...]

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Sylvia Helmer

Sylvia Helmer, PhD, ESL Consultant, Vancouver School District. Teacher of K-12, adults, teachers in training – in BC and overseas; Co-author of Look at Me When I Talk to You [2nd Edition]; Longtime supporter/facilitator for BC TEAL, ESL PSA, TESOL. An ESL speaker herself, Sylvia works to build empathy and understanding for work with learners [...]

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