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BC TEAL Honourary Lifetime Contributors

Through our Honourary Lifetime Contributor Award, BC TEAL seeks to recognize professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of English as an Additional Language.

Lifetime Contributors are individuals who have been members in good standing with BC TEAL for over 10 years and who have set a positive example for other members as well as the students that have been served by their contributions.

Nominations Procedure

Nominations for Lifetime Contributors occur every 2 years and selection is announced at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). A Call for Nominations, including requirements for nomination submissions, is issued in the BC TEAL Newsletter or sent via email to the BC TEAL Membership prior to the Annual Conference and AGM. Any BC TEAL member may nominate an individual to become an Honourary Lifetime Contributor.

Submissions are reviewed and a nominee is selected by the BC TEAL Executive Board of Directors. A plaque is awarded to the recipient along with a letter from the President of BC TEAL. Recipients of the Lifetime Contributor Award are published in the TEAL Newsletter following the AGM.

If you would like to nominate a colleague to become an Honourary Lifetime Contributor, please complete the online nominations form.

Recent Award Recipients:

Michael Galli, 2017
Shawna Williams, 2017
Eilidh Singh, 2015
Robin Russell, 2012

Current Lifetime Contributors

The following Lifetime Contributors of BC TEAL are honoured for their numerous and invaluable contributions to the ESL profession in British Columbia and farther afield.

Eilidh Singh (2015)

Eilidh Singh has been an active BC TEAL member since joining our association over 20 years ago when she relocated to Vancouver. From 2001-2005 she served on the board of the TEAL Charitable Foundation, helping to promote and adjudicate awards, scholarships, and bursaries for distribution in the EAL community. Following that, in 2015, Eilidh was [...]

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Christina Stechishin

Christina Stechishin has worked in ESL since 1986, at Vancouver Community College and in the United Arab Emirates. She has served as President of BC TEAL, Chair of TESOL’s Membership Committee, and Local Co-Chair for TESOL 2000, as well as on boards for the TCF, TESL Canada and the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks. She [...]

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Sarah ter Keurs

Sarah has worked on the TEAL Executive since 1998 where she has worn various hats, including webmaster, newsletter liaison, and conference chair and 1st Vice-President. She has taught ESL at several institutions, including the Surrey School District. Currently she is an administrator at the UBC English Language Institute and was a Team Leader for the [...]

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Sandra Venables

Sandra Venables began teaching intensive ESL in 1971 at the old KEC at 12th and Oak Streets. She found boundless inspiration from Mary Ashworth, Pat Wakefield, and Rosemary Meyer during the four years there. In 1975, she accepted a position at VCC-Langara Campus and happily taught English and Linguistics until she retired in 2000. Active [...]

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Patricia Wakefield

Pat Wakefield was TEAL’s first president in 1967. After a long caeer at VCC King Edward Campus, finally as Division Chair, Pat moved to Vancouver School Board in 1975 to become their first ESL consultant. She worked tirelessly for our profession and on her retirement in 1985-the party was at Hycroft with bagpipes-TEAL created a [...]

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Maggie Warbey

Dr. Maggie Warbey retired from the Department of Linguistics at the University of Victoria after 34 years. She was largely responsible for the development of the University’s Applied Linguistics program and taught the core courses for that program as well as Cross Cultural Communication, Language and Gender, and Issues in Minority Language Maintenance.  She also [...]

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