Staff & Board of Directors

Tanya Tervit
Administrative Manager
Tanya Tervit has recently taken on the position of Administrative Manager. She has been an active member of BC TEAL for many years and previous experience as both an instructor and... Read more
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BC Teal Board of Directors

Come meet the BC TEAL Board of Directors for 2020 – 2021! We are pleased to represent BC TEAL as the language teaching profession continues to grow and develop in B.C.

If you would like to get more involved in your professional organization, please contact us. For information regarding previous BC TEAL Board of Directors, please look at past issues of TEAL News.

Cindi Jones
President (2020-2022)
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Ange Quapp
1st Vice President (2020-2022)
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Janice GT Penner
2nd Vice-President (2019-2021)
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Laura Blumenthal
Interim Treasurer (2020-2021)
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Karen Densky
Past President (2020-2022)
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Jennifer Peachey
Secretary, Membership Chair (2020-2021)
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Tanya Ploquin
Chair Social Media (2020-2022)
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Elke Galter
LINC Representative (2019-2021)
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Catherine Ebert
Chair PD Committee (2019-2021)
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Scott Roy Douglas
TEAL Publications Chair (2019-2021)
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Jennifer Cliff-Marks
Regional Representatives Chair (2019-2021)
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Anita Veal
Chair Website Committee (2019-2021)
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Laura Haseley
Private Sector Representative (2019-2021)
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Amea Wilbur
Post-Secondary Representative (2019-2021)
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Michael Galli
Chair TEAL Charitable Foundation
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