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Project Funding Award

The application deadline for the Project Funding Award is November 1st of each year. Successful applicants will be notified within six weeks of the application deadline.


The Project Funding Award was established by the BC TEAL Charitable Foundation in 1986 to fund research projects, special projects and conferences.

The Project Funding Award is valued at up to $2,500 and may be used to fund research projects, special projects and professional development events.

The award does not fund:

  1. Individual scholarships, fellowships or bursaries
  2. Research projects and special projects that will generate a profit

Applicants will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. The value of the project’s contribution to the BC TEAL membership and the English language community
  2. Preference will be given to applicants who are BC TEAL members in good standing at the time of application
Application Requirements

Applicants are required to submit:

  1. A completed application form. Click here to download the Project Funding Application Form
  2. A description of the proposed project with the following information:

    a. A detailed budget specifying all costs: salaries; materials (paper, audiovisual, etc.); publishing costs (duplicating, binding, etc.); communication costs (IT, phone, meetings); equipment costs (rental); travel and accommodation costs; other expenses
    b. A detailed timeline specifying anticipated start and completion dates, and the stages of the plan
    c. A clear statement of the expected outcome(s) or product(s), and criteria, and methods of evaluating them

  3. A statement of the funding amount requested for the project
  4. A list of funding from other sources, if applicable
  5. A description of how the results of the project will be shared with the members of BC TEAL, such as:

    a. An article in the BC TEAL Newsletter
    b. A workshop / panel / symposium at a BC TEAL Conference
    c. A workshop / panel / symposium at a provincial or national conference

Disbursement of Funds

Within one year, the recipient is required to complete the following before disbursement of funds:

  1. Give a presentation at a BC TEAL Conference or submit an article for the BC TEAL Newsletter
  2. Submit receipts for expenses incurred to the BC TEAL office for reimbursement
Application Submission

Applications can be emailed to  If you prefer to send your application by mail, it should be postmarked on or before the deadline and sent to:

TEAL Charitable Foundation
Attention: Project Funding Award
#206 – 640 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1G4