50/50 TCF Raffle for Refugees

50/50 TCF Raffle for Refugees

This event is past

Date: Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The 50/50 Raffle for Refugees has started! Jackpot is now over $650. Visit https://tcf.rafflenexus.com for more details and to participate.


The BC TEAL Charitable Foundation (TCF) was established by the Association of BC Teachers of English as an Additional Language (BC TEAL). It is dedicated to promoting the teaching and learning of English as an additional language, and provides eleven awards and scholarships to learners and educators annually. Currently, we are raising funds to extend our scholarships for refugee high school students to attend post-secondary programs in BC. Many of our recipients have arrived in Canada from war-torn countries. Many have missed critical years of education while living in refugee camps. With few resources and little or no family to fall back on, they struggle to survive, and exist in a cycle of low- level employment. However, education allows them to break that cycle, and despite the obstacles of their past, these outstanding students have achieved high grades and served their new schools and communities through volunteering their time. The only thing they lack are the funds to access post-secondary education. This is where the TCF scholarships come in; they help these students change the course of their lives.

Why Buy? 

Due to COVID, the TCF have been unable to hold our fundraising activities to extend our scholarships for refugee students. It is more important than ever for us to continue to raise scholarship funds to assist these students. All proceeds raised from the TEAL Charitable Foundation 2021 Raffle for Refugees will go towards scholarships for refugee students to attend BC post-secondary programs. You will be helping to make a stronger, healthier, and more inclusive Canada.


Important dates
50/50 Sales Deadline: November 30th at midnight
50/50 Draw: December 10th, 1-3 PM

Ticket packs
50/50 tickets are:
Single Ticket for $10,
3-Ticket Pack for $20,
10-Ticket Pack for $50

Frequently Asked Questions
How many tickets are available for sale?
There are 1,300 tickets available for sale.

How much do tickets cost?
Single Ticket for $10, 3-Ticket Pack for $20, 10-Ticket Pack for $50,

Can I request a specific ticket number?
No. Ticket numbers are computer-generated in ascending order starting at a pre-determined number.

When are the deadlines for ticket sales?
Final Sales Deadline: November 30th at midnight

What are the odds of winning?
Chances are 1 in 1,300 (total tickets for sale) to win a prize. Actual odds depend on number of tickets sold.


For more details visit and to order tickets: https://tcf.rafflenexus.com