2021 Annual General Meeting

2021 Annual General Meeting

This event is past

Date: Thursday, May 20, 2021
Time: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm



Online via Zoom
Thursday, May 20, 2021 | 7:00 – 8:00 pm PDT

We ask that only current BC TEAL members attend the AGM.

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Elections will be held for the following board positions:

  • Chair – Professional Development Committee
  • Chair – Regional Representatives
  • Chair – Post-Secondary Representative

All other directors for the 2021-23 term will be acclaimed as there were only single nominees for each position. See below for information about the candidates.

See information about the nominees below:

Nominees for Chair – Professional Development Committee (2021-23)

Neil Leveridge
Dr. Neil Leveridge is an Assistant Professor, a Communication Strategist, and Educational Technologist for the Department of Wood Science, in the Faculty of Forestry at UBC. Dr. Leveridge has been an EAL instructor since 2000. He has published research in the field of Educational Technology for Language Learning and presented at numerous conferences worldwide, including workshops for BCTEAL. Dr. Leveridge has been a strong proponent of professional development for language instructors while supporting the scholarship of teaching through workshops and mentoring. Dr. Leveridge has served as chair/member of several committees at UBC all focusing on the advancement of literacy and pedagogy in the EAL field.

Bita Rezaei
After completing a volunteer questionnaire at the beginning of April 2021, Bita sprung onto the radar of BC TEAL members when she agreed to volunteer at the 2021 conference. She confidently took on the role of facilitator four days before the conference, making time for training on short notice. During her training, it became obvious that her experience in departmental management and staff development would be a huge asset to this organization. As a brand new facilitator, without being asked, she took a less confident volunteer under her wing, agreeing to practice sessions as needed.  As part of her responses to the call out for volunteers, Bita said that she would like to share her training experience. This would be an asset when building a committee. She also thought that there would be room for creating SIGs at BC TEAL and would like to focus on that. As the Professional Development Chair, Bita would have the opportunity to develop this idea as well.  Bita’s extensive work around the world brings the perspective in diversity that BC TEAL is focused on championing. We look forward to having her on the team!

Nominees for Chair – Regional Representatives (2021-23)

Diana Ospina 
Diana has been in the EAL field since 2000. During this time she has taught in Colombia, Chile and Canada. She has worked with high school and adult learners in various schools, institutes and organizations. She began working with newcomers in 2011 and found learning about immigrant challenges and successes really resonated with her and she has been in the settlement sector every since. She has been in various administrative and coordination roles since 2014 and is currently the Senior Manager for the Language Program at MOSAIC overseeing assessment, language and skills training, as well as Inclusion and Diversity training. Diana is keenly interested in supporting her team and the sector with quality professional development and networking opportunities and has been a long time BC TEAL member. To this end she volunteered as the Lower Mainland regional representative in 2020. While the global pandemic impacted the plans of the regional representatives – Diana sees continued potential in this wonderful initiative and would like to support this in any way she can.

Kirsten Gear
Kirsten is eager to develop in her profession with the BCTEAL Community. Since her return to Canada in August 2018, she has taught ELP at Selkirk College, gained the TESOL Coordinator position (which is undergoing an intensive program review), been awarded two fellowships (Higher Education Academy [HEA] and Teaching and Learning Institute Fellow at Selkirk College), is a member of the Educational Council, Co Chairs the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee, teaches yoga to international students on campus and zoom as well as attended the 2019 BCTEAL Langara Conference and the 2021 PHEEDLOOP Conference. She is currently finishing the PIDP program, taking Applied Leadership Courses and has registered for the Graduate Diploma in Citizenship and Immigration Law at Queen’s University. She is excited to learn more from this group of active individuals in BC!

Nominees for Chair – Post-Secondary Representative (2021-23)

Gordon Moulden
Gordon Moulden has taught at the graduate level in a post-secondary institution for the past ten years. Prior to his current position, he taught EFL in Japan at the undergraduate level for twenty years, teaching in stand-alone courses as well as in intensive EAP programs. Gordon’s thirty years’ worth of experience give him first-hand knowledge of both learners’ and teachers’ perspectives of learning English in a higher-education setting. Additionally, his extensive experience of working with Asian, Middle-Eastern, European, African, Australasian and North American learners and teachers of English has developed a multicultural mindset enabling him to work as an empathetic member of any team representing a variety of different cultures. He enjoys teaching and working in an intercultural higher-education setting.

Shirene Salamatian
Shirene Salamatian is an EAL educator with 23 years of experience in both the settlement and academic English language sector. She is a former Teal Charitable Foundation (TCF) board member actively involved in raising money for scholarships for refugee students wanting to pursue post-secondary education. Shirene has contributed extensively to the EAL industry. This includes developing health-related curriculum (Talking About Pain) for LINC programs, training educators on testing and assessment, teaching TESL students and contributing to the revision of the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB). She has also been an instructional coordinator for ISSofBC’s LINC program. Shirene is currently an EAL instructor at the post-secondary institution, Vancouver Community College (VCC) and participates in VCC’s anti-racism reading group.


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