EAL Week: How the Most Productive TESOLers Fit It All In!

EAL Week: How the Most Productive TESOLers Fit It All In!

This event is past

Date: Saturday, November 27, 2021
Time: 9:30 am to 11:00 am



It doesn’t matter what you do or where you work, everyone is looking for ways to be more productive on the job and in life. In a general review of the literature and one specific to teaching professionals, the characteristics of highly productive people are discussed, and the strategies for improving personal and professional productivity and attaining better work life balance are shared.

About the Speaker:-

Christine Coombe has a Ph.D in Foreign/Second Language Education from The Ohio State University. She is currently an Associate Professor of General Studies at Dubai Men’s College. She is the former Testing and Measurements Supervisor at UAE University and Assessment Coordinator of Zayed University. Christine has over 50 books in various topics in TESOL/ELT and is co-editor of Assessment Practices (2003, TESOL Publications); co-author, A Practical Guide to Assessing English Language Learners (2007, University of Michigan Press); co-editor, Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness in EF/SL Contexts (2007, UMP); co-editor, Language Teacher Research in the Middle East (2007, TESOL Publications), Leadership in English Language Teaching and Learning (2008, UMP) Applications of Task-based Learning in TESOL (2010, TESOL Publications), The Cambridge Guide to Second Language Assessment (2012, Cambridge University Press), Reigniting, Retooling and Retiring in English Language Teaching (2012, University of Michigan Press) and The Cambridge Guide to Research in Language Teaching and Learning (Cambridge University Press, 2015), Volume 8 of the TESOL Encyclopedia of ELT (Wiley Blackwell, 2018), The Role of Language Teacher Associations in Professional Development (2018, Springer) and Professionalizing Your English Language Teaching (2020, Springer) Christine’s forthcoming books are on research questions in TESOL and Applied Linguistics and challenges in language testing around the world. Dr Coombe serves as the editor of Language Teaching Research Quarterly (2017 to present) and as the Editor of the scopus-indexed Q1 Brief Reports section of the Asia TEFL Journal (2016 to present).


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