UBC ELI 50th Anniversary Speaker Series: Project Based Learning (PBL) in Action

UBC ELI 50th Anniversary Speaker Series: Project Based Learning (PBL) in Action

This event is past

Date: Thursday, March 7, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the English Language Institute at UBC, BC TEAL and the ELI have partnered to present a series of evening lectures. This lecture series consists of free events which will happen throughout the year and will include a number of different topics and speakers.

Authenticity, Collaboration, Reflection, Student Voice, Sustained Inquiry. These are all elements of Project Based Learning. Join us in this presentation as we share the curriculum model and the rationale behind the move to a new project based general English program at the English Language Institute (ELI) at the University of British Columbia. The presenters will share sample projects, assessment tools and examples of how campus and community resources are incorporated into the program. There will be time for discussion, an opportunity to share experiences with PBL and to reflect on how student centered projects create opportunities for language learning in real-life contexts.

Please join us in room C420.


Jas Gill (M.Ed.) 
Jas is the Director of Studies at the English Language Institute. She has worked as an instructor and administrator in Canada, Japan and the United Arab Emirates and her professional interest include vocabulary acquisition, assessment, curriculum development and teacher training. She has experience in the areas of, workplace language training, literacy education and English for Academic Purposes. Jas led the development of the ELI’s new Vancouver English Experience Program. She is a frequent presenter at conferences and has served on the boards of professional ESL/EFL organizations both locally and internationally.

Additional Speakers

Diane Liu Williams (M.A.)
Diane Liu Williams is an instructor at the English Language Institute, UBC. She has taught in various special programs at the ELI, including the English for Global Citizens and in the English for Academic Purposes Program. More recently, she has been teaching in the ELI’s Vancouver English Experience Program. Her past teaching experiences include working with immigrants at a local college and in a community EAL program, as well as with students overseas. She has also been a presenter at B.C.TEAL, a course developer, a teacher-trainer, and worked in administration both here and abroad.

Sylvia Ozbalt (M.A.)
Sylvia is an instructor at the English Language Institute, UBC. Throughout her career, she has enjoyed the challenges of designing and delivering classes and programs that fit the needs and passions of specific and diverse student populations: Business English, English for Medical Careers, English for the Global Citizen. Beginning in the early 1990s in Quebec, she has had opportunities to work with innovative real-world approaches, including simulation and task-based learning. Most recently, she has been exploring project-based learning, initially in short programs, and currently in the ELI’s 8-week Vancouver English Experience Program.

Cristina Peralejo (M.Ed.)
Cristina has held various roles in EAL education and has taught for over ten years in Japan, Canada and the Philippines. She has extensive presentation experience and has conducted ESL and language learning workshops throughout Western Canada and Asia. She is particularly interested in pronunciation instruction, multimodal learning and special learning differences in the classroom.
Cristina enjoys doing visual art in her free time and dancing salsa.

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