Webinar: Learning Tech Innovation in the Adult Settlement Language Training Sector

Webinar: Learning Tech Innovation in the Adult Settlement Language Training Sector

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Date: Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Online learning technology represents an opportunity and a challenge for adult ESL and LINC professionals. Learners want the language gains and flexibility that blended or online learning provides, and they need orientation to information technology because it’s so integrated in the landscape of daily life. But, many language training programs are held back by gaps in teachers’ skill, lack of reliable local Wi-Fi, shortages of paid release time, and shortcomings in leadership.

Since 2010, the LearnIT2teach project has provided learner courseware to support LINC blended learning and four stages of teacher training on how to put the courseware to work. Since 2015, the project has also provided an additional level of training for lead teachers and managers, Learning Technology Innovation Leadership (LTIL). The course is mentored and delivered online.

This webinar is an opportunity to review and discuss:

  • lessons learned from LTIL participants
  • innovation theory and its application to the adult settlement language training field
  • the value of IT for successful settlement in Canada
  • the contents and value of the LearnIT2teach Language Learning Leadership Guide
  • a sneak peak at Avenue.ca, IRCC’s new e-learning portal to be launched April 1, 2020

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The Presenter

Rob McBride is the LearnIT2teach Project Manager of Administration and Communication. He has been the Executive Director of New Language Solutions since its inception in 1983. Rob has worked as a teacher, researcher, writer and producer, principally in the settlement language training and adult literacy basic skills sectors. Rob works on projects where building basic knowledge and skills has the maximum positive impact on the work and personal lives of learners.

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