Webinar: Microskills and Foundational Skills for Sociocultural Competency

Webinar: Microskills and Foundational Skills for Sociocultural Competency

This event is past

Date: Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Time: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Feeling awkward, or like a ‘fish out of water’, is how people new to a culture describe interpersonal interactions. For success at school and work, and in life overall, it is necessary to interact effectively with others to build and maintain essential relationships.  This ability is described as Sociocultural Competency.

Jane will discuss and demonstrate nonverbal and verbal microskills and foundational skills essential for Sociocultural Competency. She will also make suggestions for how to approach classroom ‘group work’ as a substitute for a workplace activity.

Online Access: Tutela – To access login for this event, please RSVP here by April 23, 2018.
Cost: Free

Jane Forward

Jane Forward teaches communication courses at Vancouver Community College, currently in the health science programs and previously in business, hairstyling and automotive programs.  She teaches sociocultural competency to new immigrants, established immigrants, and people raised in Vancouver. This competency allows them to join workplaces which in themselves are new cultures needing people with such expertise.