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2014 Interior Regional Conference at Selkirk College

This year’s BC TEAL Interior Regional Conference in Nelson, BC was a wonderful success and this was largely due to the top rate organizing and effort put in by our Regional Rep Tyler Ballam and his team at Selkirk College. We were fortunate to have plenary speaker Dr. Scott Douglas give such a well-received keynote at the conference. The workshops and the Pecha Kucha presentations were also very well received. This conference was a model event and we will use some of the ideas from it for future conferences. Thank you again Tyler and your great team!

Don Bury, Sheila Mattila
PD Committee, BC TEAL


October 4, 2014

Block Timeframe Room Event
Registration 8.00-11.00 TBD ****Tentative Schedule*** Check back for updates

Visit registration to pick up your name tag and conference materials. You may also register on site.

Exhibitors' Display 8.00-16.00 TBD Exhibitors' Display

Visit the exhibitors and other publishers to see the latest offerings for EAL instructors.

Welcoming Address 8.45-9.00 TBD Welcoming Address

Join the conference co-chair and the BC TEAL president for welcoming remarks to open the first ever BC TEAL Interior Regional conference in Nelson, BC.

Opening PechaKucha* 9.00-10.00 TBD Opening PechaKucha*

Let us know if you’d like to be added to the PechaKucha lineup!

Coffee Break 10.00-10.20 TBD Coffee Break

Take a break to plan the rest of your day, network with colleagues, and enjoy coffee sponsored by Oso Negro Coffee.

Keynote Speaker 10.20-11.20 TBD Plenary Presentation

Scott Roy Douglas, Ph.D., from UBC Okanagan. Interior Design: Leveraging Content to Support Academic English Language Acquisition

Session A Workshops 11.25-12.10 TBD Teaching and Learning in Small Communities in Southern Alberta

Cari-Ann Roberts

Using Music to Improve Pronunciation

Kay Coburn

5 Trusty Techniques for Reinforcing Vocabulary

John-Paul Baker

Lunch 12.10-13.10 TBD Lunch

Lunch is included in your registration.

Session B Workshops 13.10-13.55 TBD The 5 Cs: An Alternate Look at Language Learning

Annette Aarts

Vowel Stretches: Breathing and Stretching Techniques for Teaching Vowels

Emma Hatfield

Building an Integrated Skills EAP Program

Karen Rauser

Session C Workshops 14.00-14.45 TBD Action Oriented Feedback

Shawna Williams

Literature Circles and Metanoia in the English Foundation Program

Samantha Ranson

Making Sure Target Vocabulary Sticks Long After the Class

Tom Jensen

Roundtable Discussion 15.00-15.30 TBD Roundtable Discussions

Join conference attendees for tea and conversation.
Table Topics: Bridging the Cultural Gap in a College Classroom | Transitioning from Learning to Read to Reading to Learn | Student Voices | Acquiring Soft Skills through Volunteering | Picking up on Ideas Generated During the Conference | LINC Home Study: A New Opportunity for Permanent Residents in BC

Concluding Remarks 15.30-15.45 TBD Concluding Remarks

Concluding remarks from the President of Selkirk College.

Closing Social 15.45-16.30 TBD Closing Social

Enjoy fresh tea and cakes and music at the Closing Social.

The theme for this conference is “Interior Designs: Building Teaching and Learning Communities.” The ideas of building connections throughout our communities is central to the conference concept since many of us live and work in areas quite some distance from the Lower Mainland. The plenary speaker is Dr. Scott Douglas, of UBC and author of Academic Inquiry: Writing for Post-secondary Success.

Click here to view the BC TEAL Interior Regional Conference Program.

We look forward to welcoming everyone to the first BC TEAL conference to be held in Nelson!


Tyler Ballam, BC TEAL Regional Rep, and Don Bury, BC TEAL PD Committee Co-chair


The Interior Conference made the news in Nelson. Click here to read about the upcoming event and find out about the host venue’s co-chair, Tyler Ballam.

Beer Tour and Social: Join us in Nelson for our pre-conference social. What a better way to take in historic Nelson then to take a tour of one of Canada’s fully certified organic breweries. Afterwards, a shuttle will take the happy beer lovers downtown to Jackson’s Hole Grill for an appetizer buffet and meet and greet social.

For those who arrive later in the evening, feel free to join us at your leisure from 6:30 onwards at Jackson’s Hole.

Please RSVP for the tour by September 28th. For complete details and to RSVP, please download Beer Tour and Social.

Download Hotel and Airport Shuttle information.

Download the 2014 Interior Regional Conference Poster.

Dr. Scott Roy Douglas’s keynote: Interior Design: Leveraging Content to Support Academic English Language Acquisition

Core academic content can be a powerful motivator for language acquisition. By grounding grammar, vocabulary, learning strategies, functions, and other language skills in meaningful content, the conditions are set for purposeful learning. The key is employing instructional strategies that provide the comprehensible input necessary for academic English language acquisition to take place. However, in mixed classrooms of students with varying levels of English language proficiency, the instructional strategies scaffolding comprehensible input for English language learners have to be utilized without detracting from the learning experiences of their more advanced peers.

First focusing on English for Academic Purposes (EAP) classrooms, this presentation will review the principles behind Content-Based Instruction and the language through content approach. From this discussion, specific instructional strategies will be suggested for building core academic knowledge while also fostering the development of academic English language proficiency. Next, the potential of adopting EAP instructional practices across academic disciplines will be explored to understand how core discipline instructors can provide comprehensible instruction without jeopardizing essential academic outcomes. The potential for instructional cross-fertilization is proposed with meaningful academic content being adopted in English as an Additional Language programs and instructional strategies for language development flowing towards the content disciplines.

Mary Hall 10 Street Campus Trail, Nelson, BC

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