2014 Lower Mainland Regional Conference at Vancouver English Centre

November 22, 2014

Block Timeframe Room Event
Registration 8.00-10.00 TBD Registration

Visit the registration desk to check in and receive your conference program. You can also register on site.

Exhibitors' Display 8.00-16.00 TBD Exhibitors' Display

Visit the exhibitors and other publishers to see the latest offerings for EAL instructors.

Welcoming Address 8.45-9.00 TBD Welcoming Address

Join VEC and the BC TEAL president as they open the conference.

Session A Workshops 9.00-10.30 TBD Portfolio Based Language Assessment: Making a Difference for Students

Ryan Drew, S.U.C.C.E.S.S.,
Lisa Herrera, ISSofBC, &
Colleen Rogan, Industry Training Authority

Drama Techniques in the ESL Classroom

John Keith, Vancouver Community College

9.30-10.15 Addressing Issues Related to Education Technology in ELT

Nathan Hall, Douglas College

Current directions in L2 motivation: Implications for EAL teaching

Shahid Abrar-ul-Hassan, Vancouver English Center

Coffee Break 10.30-11.00 TBD Coffee Break

Enjoy coffee while perusing the publishers’ tables.

Panel Plenary Presentations 11.00-12.00 TBD Panel Plenary Presentations

Join in “Celebrating Learner Success” as several EAL learners share their remarkable success stories:
Baraa Al-Mohammed | Megumi Udagawa | Mamadouba Yansane | Vasiliy Baryshnikov | Derek Cheng

Lunch 12.00-13.00 TBD Lunch

Lunch is not provided. Please see the conference book for a list of suggested restaurants or bring your bagged lunch.

Session B Workshops 13.00-13.45 TBD Using Google Tools in the Classroom

Dave Henderson, Vancouver English Centre &
Phil Skipper, BCIT

Exploring Student Perceptions of Teacher Feedback

Kerry Johnson, University of the Fraser Valley &
Dr. Khaled Karim, University of Victoria

Righting Rubrics: Creating Efficient Writing Rubrics with Transparent Expectations

James Stevenson, BCIT

Stressing and de-stressing unstressed vowels: the haptic "thumb-flick" technique

William Acton, Trinity Western University,
Aihua Liu, Trinity Western University &
Jean Jeon, Trinity Western University

Coffee Break 13.45-14.15 TBD Coffee Break

Enjoy a coffee while perusing the publishers’ tables

Session C Workshops 14.15-15.00 TBD Retaining Heritage Language and Culture: Immigrant Students' Success Stories

Naghmeh Babaee, Art Institute of Vancouver

Training language teachers in materials development using Problem-Based Learning

Kay McAllister, Trinity Western University

Action-Oriented Feedback

Shawna Williams, LISTN

3 Strategies for Fostering Excellence and Risk-Taking in Writing

John-Paul Baker, Corpus Academics

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