2015 Vancouver Island Regional Conference at Global Village Victoria

February 21, 2015

Block Timeframe Room Event
Registration 8.30-11.00 TBD Registration

NOTE: This schedule is subject to revisions. Check back often to see latest updates.

For on-site registration and to pick up registration packages.

Exhibitors' Display 8.30-16.00 TBD Exhibitors' Display

Visit the publishers and exhibitors to learn about new publications, resources, and programs.

Opening Address 9.15-9.30 TBD Opening Address

A welcome to conference participants from BC TEAL and Global Village Victoria.

Keynote Speaker 9.30-10.30 TBD Karen Densky - What Leads Us to Become Engaged in our Profession?

Join Karen Densky for an engaging talk addressing the questions of “What leads us to become engaged in our profession?” and “How can we maintain engagement throughout our careers?”

Networking and Coffee Break 10.30-11.00 TBD Networking and Coffee Break

Grab a snack and a beverage while catching up with colleagues.

Session A Workshops 11.00-11.45 TBD Accentedness and Critical Pedagogy: A Complete Unit Plan

Heather Barclay l Vancouver Community College &
Kate Hallanzy l Global Village Vancouver

Task-Based Instruction: Building Bridges from Classroom to Real Life

Shawna Williams l LISTN – Language Instruction Support and Training Network

Facilitating "Ah-Ha" Moments with Grammar Instruction

Janine Armstrong & Paul Duke l ELS Language Centers-Vancouver

Crash Course: Esperanto

Sebastian Rocheleau & Mickey Ulbricht l University of Victoria

Lunch 11.45-13.00 TBD Lunch

Lunch is not provided in registration. There are many restaurants nearby to grab lunch and some fresh air.

Session B Workshops 13.00-13.45 TBD Using Google Ngram Viewer in the ESL Classroom

Daniel Siracusa l ELS Language Centers

Vowel Stretches: Breathing and Stretching Techniques for Teaching Vowels

Emma Hatfield l Corpus Academics

BE, DO & HAVE: The 3 Dimensions of English

William Moore l Vancouver Island University

Assessing Graduate Students' EAP Needs

Corina Botelho, Douaa Alkutbi & Dr. Li-Shih Huang l University of Victoria

Session C Workshops 14.00-14.45 TBD Hello, ESL Teachers! I Hear Classroom Strategies Singing!

Raj Khatri l Camosun College & University of Victoria

Collocation: Moving from Ready-Made to DIY Teaching Material

Terri Everest l UBC Okanagan

A Touching and Moving Approach to Teaching Expressiveness

William Acton & Aihua Liu l Trinity Western University

Building Learner Autonomy through Reflective and Individualized Learning Plans

Tanya Tervit l ILI Vancouver and TWU University &
Alex Bale l ILI Vancouver and Step Up Supercamps”

Networking and Coffee Break 14.45-15.15 TBD Networking and Coffee Break

Grab a snack and a beverage while catching up with colleagues.

Round Table Discussions 15.15-16.00 TBD Round Table Discussions

Find a topic that interests you, sit down at that table with other conference participants, and engage in an informal, but moderated, discussion.

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