2016 Island Regional Conference at ICA Victoria

February 20, 2016

Block Timeframe Room Event
Registration 8.30-11.00 TBD Registration

NOTE: This schedule is subject to revisions. Check back often to see latest updates.

We encourage you to register in advance, but we will have on-site registration.

Exhibitors' Display 8.30-16.00 TBD Exhibitors' Display

Visit the publishers and exhibitors to learn about new publications, resources, and programs.

Opening Address 9.15-9.30 TBD Opening Address

A welcome to conference participants from BC TEAL and ICA.

Plenary Speaker 9.30-10.30 TBD Carolyn Kristj√°nsson

Join Carolyn Kristj√°nsson for an engaging talk addressing the topic of “collegial coaching”.

Networking Break 10.30-11.00 TBD Networking Break

Grab a snack and a coffee or tea while catching up with colleagues.

Session A Workshops 11.00-11.45 TBD Session A Workshops

Integrated Test-taking Strategies of English-as-a-First-Language and EAL Speakers (C. Chao)
Feedback that Feeds Forward (S. Williams)
Teachable Pronunciation Moments (T. Ploquin)
Immigrant Language Instruction and Employment: Canada vs. Australia (Y. Zhang)

Lunch 11.45-13.00 TBD Lunch

Lunch is not provided in registration. There are many restaurants nearby to grab lunch and some fresh air.

Session B Workshops 13.00-13.45 TBD Session B Workshops

Learning Plans: Providing Customized, Outcomes-Based Support for All Students (G. Saunders, K. Tagharobi)
A Task-Based Business English Course on Pronunciation and Gestures (M. Sadler)
Promoting Student Interaction and Autonomy during Textbook Practice Activities (K. Watt)
Doing your Homework (W. Acton)

Session C Workshops 14.00-14.45 TBD Session C Workshops

Real World PD: Considerations for Ongoing Teacher Development (S. Williams)
Dynamic Pronunciation Activities for the EAL Classroom (M. Greenberg)
The Efficacy of Video-Simulated-Recall Reflection vis-a-vis EAL Strategy Use (A. Alhemaid)
Identifying Humour in Academic Reading (M. Geddert)

Networking Break 14.45-15.15 TBD Networking Break

Grab a snack and a coffee or tea while catching up with colleagues.

Round Table Discussions 15.15-16.00 TBD Round Table Discussions

Find a topic that interests you, sit down at that table with other conference participants, and engage in an informal, but moderated, discussion.
Collegial Coaching: Plenary Follow-Up (C. Kristjansson)
The Impact of the Current Refugee Situation on Newcomer Language Training for Vancouver Island (T. Kitzler)
English Language Teaching Publications: Professional, Scholarly, and Pedagogical Opportunities (S.R. Douglas)
The Work of the BC TEAL Island Regional Group: How you can get Involved (J. Peachey)
Curriculum Development in Tandem with Teacher Support (C. Aquart, C. Ebert)

Poster Sessions 15.15-16.00 TBD Poster Sessions

The Growing Community of The Centre for Academic Communication (G. Sauders, K. Taharobi)
Opportunities for Professional and Scholarly Writing: BC TEAL’s Publications (S.R. Douglas))
Promoting Student Awareness of Context through Drama and Scriptwriting (M. Michaud)

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