BC TEAL 2012 Annual Conference

May 4, 2012

Block Timeframe Room Event
Session A Workshops 9.00-10.30 TBA Session A Workshops

Achieving communication while respecting cultural diversity
Adriana del Paso

Best of The Reader: Using an e-book compilation of Westcoast Reader stories to teach strategic reading
Joan Acosta & Louise Green

“It’s Revolutionized the Way I Teach” – The Willis Model for Task-Based Teaching and Learning
Joann Chernen

Learning through Debating – for ESL Students
Andrea MacKenzie

Moodle in Language Education – An Introduction
Joe Dobson

Paradox, possibility, and professional development in TESOL
Carol Condruk, Ena Lee, Beth Maschmann, & Irene Ouimet

Stress and Anxiety in the ELSA Classroom
Christiane Gonzalez Martinez

Ten Words a-LEAPing: Challenges in Teaching and Learning Academic English
Ken Beatty

Visual English – Using Images in Classroom Activities
Emma Hatfield

Word play: Teaching lexis in new and fun ways Angela Belcham

N.B., Sessions are subject to change and/or cancellation.

Plenary Speaker 11.00-11.15 Theatre Opening Address - Kris Bulcroft

We are honoured to have Kris Bulcroft, Capilano University President, give the opening address for the 44th Annual BC TEAL Professional Development Conference.

11.15-12.30 Plenary Speaker - Andy Hargreaves

We are delighted to have Professor Andy Hargreaves, BA, PhD, Hon Doc (Uppsala), FRSA
Thomas More Brennan Chair in Education,
Lynch School of Education at Boston College deliver the Plenary Address entitled “Sustainable Performance beyond Expectations”.

BC TEAL AGM 13.00-13.30 Theatre BC TEAL Annual General Meeting

Please come to the AGM to bid adieu to outgoing Board Members, and vote in nominees for vacant board positions.

This is also a good opportunity to meet the TEAL board and find out ways that you can become involved.

Session B Workshops 13.30-14.30 TBA Session B Workshops

A Cross-Cultural Study of Politeness Strategy in Internship Cover Letters and Its Teaching Implications
Hsiao-I Hou

Developing Social Awareness in the Classroom
Shelley Wright

Group discussion evaluation: an integrated skills approach
Jack Whelan and Fraser Thorburn

Primary Research Project Template
Janice GT Penner

When Verbs Become Nouns: Helping EAP Students Understand and Use Grammatical Metaphor
Gordana Sokic

N.B., Sessions are subject to change and/or cancellation.

Theatre Invited Speaker - Gilberto Diaz-Santos

Gilberto Diaz-Santos, Professor and Dean of the School of Foreign Languages at the University of Havana, Cuba, will give a talk entitled “Mañana is Now: Training for ELT as a Sustainable Practice in Cuba”

Plenary Panel 14.45-15.45 Theatre Plenary Panel

Join us as we hear from a variety of speakers in the EAL profession as they discuss issues of “Sustainability” in the field of EAL. Audience questions are encouraged.

Session C Workshops 16.00-17.00 TBA Session C Workshops

Developing an Online Intermediate-Level Reading Assessment
Lee Gunderson, Dennis Murphy Odo, Reginald Arthur D’Silva

The English only policy revisited
Adriana del Paso

Exploring Identity Formation and Academic Writing of Multilingual Students: Skipping through the Academy
Jennifer Walsh Marr

How To Love What You Do
Lisa Herrera

I got in! Now what? Sustaining the language momentum through the UBC Academic English Support Program
Eilidh Singh and Sarah ter Keurs

Keeping an Eye on Literacy – Literally!
Karen Bradley & Elsie Johnson

Second Language Writing and Cultural Backgrounds: A Point of Conflict?
Nasrin Kowkabi

Sustaining Student Responsibility: Peer Review and Collaborative Correcting of ESL Writing
Tina Fusco

The Tri-Cities Collaborative Approach to Serving ESL Students
Tri-Cities Literacy Committee: ESL Working Group: Mary Daniel, Ryan Drew, Alison Whitmore

The use of storytelling in second language instruction
Claudio Rezende Lucarevschi

N.B., Sessions are subject to change and/or cancellation.

Wine & Cheese Reception 17.00-18.30 TBA Wine & Cheese Reception

Be sure to RSVP to the Wine & Cheese Reception, where we’ll raise a toast. Complimentary red and white wines, non-alcoholic beverages, and a selection of appetizers will be offered. We are also pleased to have the 3rd annual TCF silent auction. Bring your cheque books and help us raise funds for the TEAL Refugee Award!

May 5, 2012

Block Timeframe Room Event
Session D Workshops 9.00-10.30 TBA Session D Workshops

Aspiring to Excellence
Vicki Vogel & Gillian Berson

Attending Skills Training: Peer monitoring in conversation instruction
William Acton, Mike Burri, Nate Kielstra and Michelle Goertzen & Grace Kim

Creating Space for Young Adult Immigrant Student Identity – Who Do We See? What Do We Hear?
Nora Ready & Michael Yue

Developing Critical Media Literacy for International Students
Cynthia Caswell

Developing Insights for Global Competence
Carolyn Kristjansson

Help with Teaching Pronunciation: The Sounds of English Poster
John-Paul Baker & Emma Hatfield

Removing the Taboo: tasks for exploring world religions
Janice GT Penner

Teaching English Intonation: For Non-native English Speaking Teachers
Richmond Donkor, Shine Hong, Moses Lam, Nori Takatsu & Yuyue Zeng

Theatre for Living: An Exploration of Language Learning and Teaching through Theatre Games and Image Theatre
Naomi Wolfe

Using Story Writing to Teach English
Dianne Tyers

Vocabulary-Building Resources for ESL Students
Hugh Soulis

N.B., Sessions are subject to change and/or cancellation.

Session E Workshops 11.00-12.00 TBA Session E Workshops

Corrective feedback in second language writing
Khaled Karim

English Language Students as Material Designers
Gilberto Diaz-Santos

Form-Focused Instruction for Academic Writing Style
Jim Hu

Integrating Prosodic Practice with Grammar Instruction
Mandy Egle

Language and Identity: Construction of ESL Students’ Multiple Identities
Dilia Hasanova

Listening Skills and Strategies
Stella Chung and Ryan Drew

Narrowing the digital divide: practical solutions for integrating technology
Nathan Hall

Passives and Participial Adjectives: Research Meets the Classroom
Michelle Fuller

Road Map to a Sustainable Curriculum
Shawna Williams & Terri Wershler

John-Paul Baker

N.B., Sessions are subject to change and/or cancellation.

Employment Fair 12.00-13.00 TBA Employment Fair

Bring copies of your résumé to Birch 162 on Saturday at noon for your chance to meet and speak to representatives of EAL employers in BC, including Kaplan PLI, TeachAway, and VanWest.

Plenary Speaker 13.00-13.30 Sportsplex TEAL Charitable Awards Ceremony

Please join us as the TCF invites this year’s David C. Lam Award recipients to receive their awards and read aloud their winning essays.

13.30-13.45 TEAL Lifetime Contributor Award Ceremony

Every three years TEAL acknowledges the contribution of an outstanding TEAL member with the Lifetime Contributor Award.

13.45-15.00 Plenary Speaker - Luisa Maffi

We are honoured to have Luisa Maffi, Ph.D., director and co-founder of Terralingua as she introduces us to her organization and its mission to promote biocultural diversity and sustainability in her plenary address “Biocultural Diversity: The Many Voices of Sustainability”.

Session F Workshops 15.30-16.30 TBA Session F Workshops

Admin SIG Roundtable
Sarah ter Keurs

Design your own Assessment Tools
Ryan Drew

Just Write
Stella Chung

Linking Instruction and Assessment: An Evidence-based Approach
Terry Vanderveen

Linking Language, Knowledge, and the Environment: An Introduction to Teaching Biocultural Diversity
Luisa Maffi

Professional Socialization And Integration of Non-native ESL Teachers
Saeed Nazari

Rhythm, music and young learners: A winning combination
Laurie Thain

Teaching Saudi students on the KASP: Reflections of the first semester
Vilien Chen

TEAL Regional Reps Meeting
Karen Densky

Unlocking the Mysteries of Syllable Stress
Mandy Egle

N.B., Sessions are subject to change and/or cancellation.

TCF AGM 16.30-17.00 TBA TEAL Charitable Foundation Annual General Meeting

Any TEAL members interested in joining the TCF board or learning more about the opportunities the TCF offers are welcome to attend.

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Ph: (604) 736-6330, Fax: (604) 736-6306
Email: admin@bcteal.org
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