BC TEAL 50th Anniversary Carnival

May 4, 2017

Block Timeframe Room Event
50th Anniversary Carnival 17.30-18.30 Auditorium Plenary Speaker - Jill Hadfield - Motivation, Imagination and L2 Identity

Recent motivation research has shifted the focus to the relationship between motivation and the learner’s identity. Within this approach, the L2 Motivational Self System (Dornyei 2005) is an important new theory, backed by considerable research.

The Motivational Self System is a tripartite construct of L2 motivation, consisting of the Ideal L2 Self (the internal desires and vision of the learner), the Ought-To Self (external pressures and incentives) and the L2 Learning Experience (the actual experience of engaging in the learning process). This new approach has very direct practical implications as it opens up a whole new avenue for promoting student motivation through the use of the imagination to envision identity. However the approach as yet lacks any direct practical applications which could be used by L2 teachers. In this talk I will outline the theory, explain how a motivational programme can mediate language learning and suggest some practical activities.

18.30-20.30 Building B Event Space Carnival Games, Entertainment & Refreshments

Mingle with friends and colleagues from across our professional spectrum, snack on carnival fare (hot dogs and popcorn!), sip a local craft brew, and simply have fun trying your hand at the many games and activities we’ll have on offer.

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