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One-day workshop: Bridging the Cultural Gap in the EAL Classroom

BC TEAL is very pleased to announce a special one-day workshop with the renowned speaker and cross-cultural expert, Lionel Laroche: Bridging the Cultural Gap in the EAL Classroom.

  • When: Saturday, October 18, 2014; 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
  • Where: Douglas College (room TBA)
  • Cost: $125 for BC TEAL Members; $195 for non-members (fee includes coffee breaks and lunch)
  • Limit: 35 participants. The limit has been reached. Registration is CLOSED.
  1. The two key objectives of this workshop are to help EAL teachers 1) interact more effectively with their students by understanding better their perspective and 2) adapt the content of their courses so that they can prepare their students better for their professional lives in Canada.
  2. A little over half of the total instruction time is dedicated to activities: group/pair exercises, case studies, group discussions and reflection; the rest is made of Laroche’s informative, entertaining, and thought-provoking lectures.

Lionel Laroche, Ph.D., P.Eng., was the keynote speaker at the 2014 BC TEAL Annual Conference. He received outstanding praise for his keynote talk and follow-up session. Having attended the May 24th conference session is NOT a pre-requisite. The workshop will expand on some of the key concepts covered in the keynote address, but goes into significantly more depth: more than 80% of the workshop is material not covered in the May sessions.


October 18, 2014

Block Timeframe Room Event
Introduction 9.30-9.50 TBA Introduction

Who should adapt to whom?
Trainer and participants
Workshop outline and learning outcomes

Key cross-cultural concepts 9.50-10.10 TBA Key cross-cultural concepts

Defining culture
Visible and invisible differences
Differentiating between generalizations and stereotypes

Hierarchy in the classroom 10.10-10.55 TBA Hierarchy in the classroom

Social status of professionals
Choice of courses / universities
Interactions between students and professors / other students
Interacting with support staff / program managers
Teaching methodology

Morning Break 10.55-11.05 TBA Break

Coffee, tea, and light snacks provided.

Hierarchy in the workplace 11.05-11.30 TBA Hierarchy in the workplace

The relative importance of technical skills and soft skills
Taking initiative

Managing differences in people's sense of hierarchy 11.30-12.30 TBA Managing differences in people's sense of hierarchy

Case studies: Situations where differences in hierarchy makes a difference in and around the classroom
Group discussion: How can EAL teachers help prepare their students for egalitarian workplaces?

Lunch 12.30-13.15 TBA Lunch

Lunch is provided.

Feedback 13.15-14.15 TBA Feedback

Giving and receiving cross-cultural feedback
Group exercises
Group discussion: How can EAL teachers help their students understand the performance evaluation system typically used by Canadian corporations?

Afternoon Break 14.15-14.30 TBA Break

Coffee, tea, and light snacks provided.

Individualism 14.30-15.20 TBA Individualism

Individualism in the classroom: Group work / plagiarism
What does “being a good team player” mean?
Group discussion: How can EAL teachers help their students understand what “being a good team player” means in Canada?

Coaching difficult students 15.20-15.50 TBA Coaching difficult students

The six-step coaching process
Role play in pairs

Conclusion 15.50-16.00 TBA Conclusion

Individual reflection: What will you personally do differently based on what you have learned today?
Final Q&A
Course evaluation

There are no updates for this conference now.

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