2013 Vancouver Island Conference at UVic

February 16, 2013

Block Timeframe Room Event
Registration 8.00-9.00 TBD Registration


Workshops Block A 9.00-10.30 TBD Workshops Block A

Using On-Line Communication to Practice Listening and Writing (Stella Chung)

Visual English – Using Images in Classroom Activities (Emma Hatfield)

Hopituh Shi-Nu-Mu, the Peaceful People: Contrasting Cultures (Tom Cochran)

Field Trips and Guest Speakers: Connecting with Community (Shawna Williams)

Morning Break 10.30-11.00 TBD Morning Break

Refreshments, Publishers’ Tables

Plenary Speaker 11.00-12.15 TBD Plenary Speaker

The plenary speaker will be Dr. Li-Shih Huang, Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics at UVic. Dr. Huang writes a regular column for the BC TEAL Newsletter. To read previous issues, visit the newsletter page of the website.

Lunch (provided) 12.15-13.15 TBD Lunch (provided)

A catered lunch is included with registration fees.

Workshops Block B 13.30-14.30 TBD Workshops Block B

Language Learning and Community through In-Tandem Learning (Elisabeth Williams)

How to Keep Students Interested during Boring Activities (Jennifer Cummins)

Digital Learning Solutions for Today’s Teacher (Tony Burzillo)

Grammar: According to Preopositions (William Moore)

Afternoon Break 14.30-15.00 TBD Afternoon Break

Publishers’ Tables, Door Prizes

Workshops Block C 15.00-16.00 TBD Workshops Block C

Pathways between Music and Language (Beth Konomoto)

A Comparison of Individual and Group Writing of ESL Students (Maryam Rostamy)

Decoding /l/ – /r/ Perceptual Difficulties by Japanese Learners of English (Huan Lin and Akitsugu Nogita)

Blended Learning in the Adult Immigrant Classroom (Jason Green)

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