Lifetime Contributor

Lee Gunderson

Dr. Lee Gunderson is a Professor and former Head of the Department of Language and Literacy Education at the University of British Columbia where he teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in second language reading, language acquisition, literacy acquisition, and teacher education. He has served as a pre-school teacher, a primary-level elementary teacher, a reading specialist, a principal and vice-principal in a bilingual school, and a teacher of the learning disabled. He received the David Russell Award for Research, the Killam Teaching Prize at the University of British Columbia and has been awarded the Kingston Prize for contributions to the National Reading Conference.

He has served as Chair of the Publications Committee of the International Reading Association and is founding Chair of the Pippin Teacher’s Professional Library. He is a Past President of the National Reading Conference. He has conducted long-term research focusing on the academic and language achievement of immigrant students who arrived in Canada between the ages of five and eight. He has published numerous books, including English-Only Education and Immigrant Students in Secondary School: A Critical Examination and ESL Literacy Instruction: A Guidebook to Theory and Practice (2nd edition).