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Shawna Williams (2017)

Shawna has made and continues to make invaluable contributions to BC TEAL. She has held various positions over the years, but more than just holding these positions, she has done so much to further the organization in the work that she has done in all of these positions, individually and collectively with the board and with the wider BC TEAL community. In all that she does, Shawna is not only extremely professional but has a demonstrated track-record of her dedication to BC TEAL in many ways. These include being an articulate spokesperson of and champion for the organization, chairing a number of conferences and sitting on conference committees with numerous others, and participating in offering professional development opportunities to members through many workshops and presentations, and in encouraging others to do the same.

Shawna has worn many hats in the profession including being an instructor, teacher-trainer, administrator, and coordinator. She has worked as an instructor at the UBC English Language Institute (ELI) at in the English Bridge Program at SFU. She was also the Head Teacher of Assessment at the ELI, the Instructional Coordinator of the English Language and Culture Program at SFU and the Instructional Resource Coordinator at LISTN. She is currently working in VCC’s TESOL program, in addition to being co-chair not only of this year’s big celebration conference but also the pre-conference carnival, and she is the mother of a soon-to-be 4-year-old boy, so she really is a very busy person! But no matter what hat she is wearing, Shawna is generous of her time and knowledge, and all who have worked with her in whatever capacity have benefitted tremendously from the experience. To acknowledge Shawna as outgoing BC TEAL president, the entire board, plus a number of friends and colleagues, participated in a surprise Pecha Kucha in her honour—a testament to the high degree of respect and admiration she invokes in others.

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