Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings

Tri-TESOL 2015 – Transcending Boundaries and Interweaving Perspectives: Conference Proceedings

Tri-TESOL is a unique collaboration between BC TEAL and WAESOL and ORTESOL, our counterparts in Oregon and Washington. This is the first time we have included proceedings as an option for conference presenters at the Tri-TESOL conference, and these manuscripts represent a range of ideas, practices, research and initiatives.  The Tri-TESOL 2015 – Transcending Boundaries and Interweaving Perspectives: Conference Proceedings are available online on the WAESOL website at

The guiding philosophy we worked with was one of wanting to support and encourage authors throughout the process. We hope that you enjoy the articles in these Proceedings and that you find them of use in your teaching practice and research.

BC TEAL 2009 Annual Conference Proceedings

We are pleased to present the “Dimensions of Practice: Principled, Progressive & Practical – Proceedings of the BC TEAL 2009 Interior Conference “, a peer-reviewed conference proceedings publication. The idea for this contribution to the profession came out of the inaugural BC TEAL Interior Conference, which was held at Thompson Rivers University (TRU) in October 2008. When the second BC TEAL Interior Conference was hosted by TRU in October 2009, ways in which the impact of the conference could be extended were discussed and the notion of publishing conference proceedings began to take root. BC TEAL has traditionally focused more on workshops and conference sessions that are practice- and research-based, but until this point, the Association’s publications have been limited to non-peer reviewed newsletters which serve a very different purpose.

BC TEAL has been at the forefront of English as an additional language education in British Columbia for more than forty years. In this time, the profession has grown in so many directions, and credit for this rests in the hands of the many individuals and volunteers who have stepped forward and taken leadership roles with the Association. BC TEAL Annual Conferences now attract close to 500 attendees, and in 2008, the first BC TEAL Interior conference had well over a hundred in attendance. Subsequent events in 2009, 2010 and 2011 continued to grow to over 150 attendees, and with TESL Canada coming to TRU in 2012, we foresee ongoing development that connects us at the provincial, as well as the national level.

As BC TEAL has matured, so too has the professionalism and breadth of expertise in our field. This is exemplified by the many individuals who offer presentations and workshops at BC TEAL conferences, not to mention those who disseminate knowledge of our field in various other ways; e.g. articles in the TEAL Newsletter. This growth requires different distribution and publication vehicles, and these Conference Proceedings are our latest effort to further advance knowledge and practice.

By nature, presenting and writing are very different manners of communicating and sharing work and ideas. This modest first conference “Proceedings” comes as perhaps the start of future options of sharing through BC TEAL. As a peer-reviewed publication, the reviewer guidelines were developed based on the TESL Canada Journal guidelines that journal editor John Sivell graciously shared. Our sincere thanks are extended to John and the TESL Canada Association. These guidelines were adapted slightly for our Proceedings. We also offer our sincere gratitude to the peer reviewers who offered their expertise and time. […]

“Dimensions of Practice: Principled, Progressive & Practical – Proceedings of the BC TEAL 2009 Interior Conference”