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A Message from the BC TEAL President

This past year has been a very busy and productive one for BC TEAL. Thanks to a dedicated and passionate board of directors, many amazing volunteers, and wonderful staff, we have accomplished a great deal. These accomplishments have included ramping up webinars to make ongoing and relevant professional development opportunities available to members throughout the province and beyond, a collaborative conference with ATESL, and the BC TEAL Refugee Project. These are just a sampling of the things TEAL has been doing.

Many newer members may be unaware of the TEAL Charitable Foundation (TCF) which though a separate society is intertwined with BC TEAL. The numerous awards it offers for those in the profession and for BC TEAL members make it an incredible and rare benefit for members of our professional association. After many decades of effective fundraising, there is now over $850,000 invested through the Vancouver Foundation for endowments. These provide the ability to fund, in perpetuity, a range of awards. This is a remarkable legacy!

Recently, the work of the TCF has focused on refugee education. One of its projects is the upcoming Wine and Cheese Fundraiser for Refugee Education, “Tears to Smiles” on Friday, November 17. I encourage you to attend this wonderful evening event supporting refugee awards available to applicants from around the province.

As many members have heard, TESL Canada is closing its office and not accepting applications for teacher training program recognition or teacher certification at this time. Since learning of this, BC TEAL has been in close contact with leaders from other provincial associations across Canada so that, collectively, we can consider how to best serve our respective members’ needs. We are also convening an Ad Hoc committee of 4 board members, 4 members from the TEAL membership, and our Executive Director to guide this process.

I am proud to inform you that BC TEAL’s financial situation is at its strongest position in the past two decades. Over many years, BC TEAL’s board of directors have made fiscally prudent decisions that have supported our robust professional development offerings and varied initiatives, and ensured our sound financial status. With the additional sum of funds that LISTN transferred to BC TEAL when it dissolved in 2016 (allowing us to hire an Executive Director), we currently have over $425,000 in cash assets. We will continue using funds prudently when considering programs and initiatives that benefit the BC TEAL membership as a whole. We are in an excellent position to fund a number of new initiatives and programs.

I thank you for your continued support of BC TEAL. BC is fortunate to have such a strong and thriving professional community.


Joe Dobson
President, BC TEAL