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Consider Sponsoring a TESL Student

UFV’s TESL Certificate needs sponsor teachers as a requirement of TESL Canada’s Professional Certificate: Standard Two. A supervised practicum of a minimum of 50 hours (30 hours of observation and 20 hours of teaching) under the supervision of an instructor certified at a minimum of TESL Canada Professional Certificate: Standard One, Two, or Three with at least 2,000 hours of adult ESL/EFL classroom experience or equivalent).

The practicum placements usually take place over 6-8 weeks (at mutually convenient times).

We’ve streamlined the process for you. All student learning tasks have been fully prepared by us. You’ll need to:

  • Communicate with us if you have questions or concerns
  • Initial the students’ log record to ensure they have the required hours
  • Discuss (10-15 minutes) and initial the 5 Observation Tasks the student is required to complete
  • Communicate with the student about possible teaching tasks that are appropriate for you learners
  • Complete a practicum evaluation checklist halfway through the practicum
  • Invite us into the class for the students’ final observation/evaluation (you’re not required to attend)

Benefits of being a sponsor teacher:

  • Enhancing your own coaching, mentoring and leadership skills
  • Bringing new, dynamic energy into your class to support students
  • Giving back to your profession
  •  A $300 honorarium (taxed)


Please contact to discuss:

Tanis Sawkins           or Amea Wilbur