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Invitation to Participate in Research – UBC

BC TEAL does not endorse the following research projects and encourages participants to always read the consent form thoroughly before participating in any research project.


• Do you have 2+ years of language teaching experience (any language)?
• Do you have, or are you pursuing, a related postgraduate degree?

Dmitri Detwyler, a PhD candidate in teaching English as a second language at the University of British Columbia, is seeking participants for a UBC study on language-teacher knowledge and practices for his PhD thesis. The Principal Investigator of this study is Professor Steven Talmy of the Department of Language and Literacy Education. The research question is about how participants use teaching knowledge and language knowledge as resources for discussing the people, processes, and institutions of their teaching practice, and how these might be changing as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Instructors of all languages are welcome, but the project will be conducted in English.

This study includes 1. An individual interview about your background and experiences; 2. A focus group discussion with a group of 3-5 other instructors about shared topics of interest and professional challenges; 3. An individual video-stimulated activity, in which you will view a video of the focus group and produce recommendations for other instructors; and 4. A brief written reflection about your study participation. The total time investment is expected to be about 7-8 hours, over a period of several months. All activities will be conducted remotely. The interview and focus group will be done by Skype, phone call, or similar. The video-stimulated activity and reflection will be completed by email.

Participating in this study is not likely to have any direct impact on your further work or studies. You may increase your understanding of language teaching practice or be inspired to inquire into it further, as well as possibly discover fresh approaches to common professional dilemmas. You will also be compensated with up to three payments of $30 (total $90).

If you are interested in participating, or want more information, please contact Dmitri Detwyler by email ( or phone (+1-236-990-0936). Prospective participants should email or call Dmitri directly.