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Practicum Opportunity: Thompson Rivers University, TESL Practicum in Vietnam

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The Teaching English as a Second Language program has opened a doorway to the world for TESL students or TESL alumni to do a supervised practicum in Vietnam. If you have completed a TESL certificate, but would like additional practicum hours and an international teaching experience, consider joining TRU TESL students for three weeks in December.

A new partnership with Saigon Tourist Hospitality College (STHC) means students can now do the three-credit course in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, during the first three weeks in December. The opportunity means a range of real-world learning and teaching opportunities for everyone, whether it’s in the school’s culinary kitchens or while sightseeing with students from the tour guiding program.

“STHC doesn’t have foreign students on their campus, so their campus will go through a mini-internationalization when we are there,” said TRU TESL program coordinator Karen Densky. “Our students will serve as customers for them to practice on. For TESL students to get an overseas experience while completing their teaching practicum is perfect. We are all getting something out of this partnership and we’re doing that in a sustainable way.”

The hospitality college is operated by Saigon Tourist, which is a state-run organization that also runs hotels, restaurants and guided tours throughout central Vietnam.

Vietnam practicum details

At least two TRU instructors will be making the trip.

The final cost will be determined by how many students participate, but will be around $3,500 for domestic students once flights, food and accommodation are added up, and the $500 International Mobility Study Abroad Award is subtracted. Partnerships are in place with hotels for accommodations, all within a very short walk to STHC.

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