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Research Request: Anaheim University

Are you an EAL/EFL teacher? If so, please contribute by responding to the survey Values, Rewards, and Job Satisfaction in ESL/EFL: A Replication.   Please respond if you have a moment to complete this short 10-minute survey. About the study: The purpose of this survey is to identify some of the factors that influence, more

Event Posting: Ace Workshop November 8 & 9, 2018

This message was paid for by Optima Communications, Inc., Accent on Canadian English Program™. BC TEAL does not necessarily endorse nor promote the service or message therein.     ACE “Train the Trainer” Accent Modification Workshop Accurately Evaluate Canadian English Pronunciation & Provide Effective Accent Modification   Date: more

Job Posting: IELTS OSM Writing Examiners

This message was paid for by IDP Education (Canada) Ltd. BC TEAL does not necessarily endorse nor promote the service or message therein. IDP is currently recruiting for IELTS Writing Examiners. Below is more information about the role and how to apply.  Location: Canada: Work from home Hours: Minimum more

Refugee Rights Day – Social Media Campaign

Join us today for April 4th Act!on Join BC TEAL’s Outreach and Awareness Campaign and recognize Canada’s Refugee Rights Day by using our Refugee Rights Day Lesson Activities and submitting comments via the #EALaction hashtag on Twitter or Facebook. Celebrate our EAL role in creating community through education!

Reminder: Upcoming Workshop on Intercultural Awareness Strategies

How do you safely explore hidden biases in EAL classrooms? What are the impacts of hidden bias and what intercultural awareness strategies can you use to address and manage them? Participants will explore frequently experienced challenges in the EAL classroom through an intercultural lens. Participants will learn activities to more