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Reminder: Upcoming Workshop on Intercultural Awareness Strategies

How do you safely explore hidden biases in EAL classrooms? What are the impacts of hidden bias and what intercultural awareness strategies can you use to address and manage them? Participants will explore frequently experienced challenges in the EAL classroom through an intercultural lens. Participants will learn activities to more

BC TEAL March Webinar

Are you reluctant to teach pronunciation due to the variation in your learners’ needs? Don’t be! You can create valuable aha moments for students of various backgrounds by teaching them the pronunciation features of syllable and sentence stress. They will suddenly understand why others often do not understand them, more

BC TEAL December Webinar Postponed

Please note the upcoming BC TEAL webinar Online Presentation Basics: 10 Steps to Conquering Your Fear with Natalia Aleko from English Online has been postponed to the new year. Registration is still open, and we will let you know the rescheduled date as soon as we can. In the meantime, please be sure to more