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BC TEAL is pleased to work with our members on initiatives that are of relevance to the EAL profession and that support our English language learners. In keeping with our mission, we continue to look for opportunities to raise awareness, provide professional development, and share expertise.

Refugee Rights Day is celebrated each year in Canada on April 4th. BC TEAL is pleased to offer an EAL Act!on Campaign that starts with you and... read more


TESL/TESOL Teacher Education Programs in BC
The TESL/TESOL teacher education programs are located in BC and for the most part focus on teaching English to adult speakers of other languages.

See our complete list of TESL/TESOL Teacher Education Programs

Teaching Materials

This set of three booklets in easy-to-read English is intended for parents, grandparents, caregivers, and anyone working with young children. Organized by age level, the booklets have simple, everyday activities to help children become successful learners.

Helping Children Learn – Fun activities to do with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers

These two lessons were developed to promote the annual TCF fundraising event, ‘Climb for the Cause’ and to explain the importance of fundraising for refugees in need. The lessons are at CLB 3 and CLB 6, and include reading passages and interactive learning activities.

English Language Lesson: Climb for the Cause – CLB 3

English Language Lesson: Climb for the Cause – CLB 6

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