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Administrators’ SIG

This SIG is especially for those in administrative roles for language programs. If you are a DOS or Head Teacher at your school and want to meet up with others who might be dealing with the same kind of issues, check out the Administrators’ SIG in our Community Area, or contact Sarah at

There are many issues that administrators must face, some of which are very challenging: dealing with the media, managing an instructional staff, balancing the needs of students, teachers and owners of the school, handling emergencies, and many more. Often, you are a teacher who has moved into administration with little to no formal management training. This SIG will provide you with an opportunity to meet up informally with other administrators who probably face the same problems. The objectives of this SIG are: to provide a forum for Administrators to float ideas about how to deal with challenges at their school; to discuss issues that language providers are facing in the province; to share resources; to present workshops/panels at TEAL professional development events; and much, much more! Many of us have an informal network of administrators whom we contact when we are in need of a last-minute teacher, sub or to simply talk about what is going on. The Administrator’s SIG is an extension of that network that I hope will grow over time.

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