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Tri-TESOL 2015 – Transcending Boundaries and Interweaving Perspectives: Conference Proceedings

We are pleased to let you know that the Tri-TESOL 2015 – Transcending Boundaries and Interweaving Perspectives: Conference Proceedings are now published and available online. Tri-TESOL is a unique collaboration between BC TEAL and WAESOL and ORTESOL, our counterparts in Oregon and Washington. This is the first time we have included proceedings as an option for conference presenters at the Tri-TESOL conference, and these manuscripts represent a range of ideas, practices, research and initiatives. The proceedings can be found on the WAESOL website at

The guiding philosophy we worked with was one of wanting to support and encourage authors throughout the process. We hope that you enjoy the articles in these Proceedings and that you find them of use in your teaching practice and research.

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