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BCIT Trail Hogs

We are excited to support this worthy event begun by our colleague, Michael Galli.

Team Members: Amanda Hill, Carly Carson, David Brooks, Jeff Verbeem, Phil Skipper

Our goal is to collect $500.00

So far, we have collected $835.00

Please fill in the form below.  Donations will be processed by PayPal.

Name Date
Michael Galli2017-06-02
Andrea Matthews2017-06-03
Bill Dow2017-06-05
Mei Young2017-06-05
Cathy Hyska2017-06-05
Mary Helen Murphy2017-06-05
Alison Atkinson2017-06-06
Lin Brander2017-06-06
Kurt Heinrich2017-06-07
Carly Carson2017-06-08
Carly Carson2017-06-08
Chris C Skipper2017-06-11
Ronald Kessler2017-06-13
Peter Hill2017-06-14
Michael Hill2017-06-14
Pat Matthieu2017-06-14
Kathy Musial2017-06-14
Lorcan O\\\'Melinn2017-06-14
Dana Shih2017-06-15
Phil Skipper2017-06-16

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