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Eclectic Lowbrow Inflections (ELI-UBC)

We are a team from the UBC English Language Institute (ELI). Inspired by previous events and the Pecha Kucha this year, we are hoping to raise funds for this extremely worthwhile cause. We range from uber-fit to uber-couch potato, but we are all enthusiastic! We would like to challenge other schools and institutes to form a team and join us in this fundraiser. You only need 2 people to be in a team!

Team members: Sylvia Ozbalt, Janelle Sheen, Eilidh Singh, Ratinder Aujla, and Tami Moffatt

Our goal is to collect $200.00

So far, we have collected $370.00

Please fill in the form below.  Donations will be processed by PayPal.

Name Date
Natsuko Kamikawara2015-08-07
Patricia Fodor2015-08-10
Hong Si2015-08-10
Martine Gauthier2015-08-13
Janice Gilmore2015-08-13
Sylvia Ozbalt2015-08-31
Tami Moffatt2015-09-03
Eilidh Singh2015-09-05
Francis Siu2015-09-10
Naomi Sawai2015-09-12
Brian Wilson2015-09-13
Cristina Petersen2015-09-15

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