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Joe Dobson

This year, I will be in a road cycling race the same day as the Climb for the Cause, cycling 41 miles (65km) in Bellingham. So while I cannot participate in the Climb, I will be cycling in a different event at the same time to raise funds for this incredibly important event. This refugee award has the power to positively impact and better a person’s life. Seeing this year’s Refugee award winner, Buela Say, speak at the TEAL Charitable Foundation’s award ceremony was a reminder of the struggles that so many refugees face and the positive impact this award can make in a young person’s life here in Canada.

My goal is to collect $200.00

So far, I have collected $310.00

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Name Date
Devon Boucher2016-05-11
David Skippon2016-05-12
Bonnie Jean Nicholas2016-05-12
Shahid Abrar-ul-Hassan2016-05-13
Wendy Chambers2016-05-16
Scott Douglas2016-05-25
Brenda Lohrenz2016-05-26
John-Paul Baker2016-05-28

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