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Laura Blumenthal

I want to do this because I want to support the cause.  I think that supporting refugees in their efforts to learn and become a part of Canadian society is about as worthy of a cause as there can be.

As an ESL instructor, a TESL instructor, and a BC TEAL Board member, I also want to set an example for my students and colleagues, and follow the example of my colleagues and friends who did this last year.

I hope you’ll support me in this endeavour (and I hope I make it to the top!).

Laura  3:)

My goal is to collect $500.00

So far, I have collected $415.00

Please fill in the form below.  Donations will be processed by PayPal.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to receive a receipt and have your donation show up on Laura’s campaign meter, you MUST return to the BC TEAL website.  Make sure to click “Return to TEAL Charitable Foundation” after processing your PayPal donationThank you!

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