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Michael Galli

This will be my 6th Climb for the Cause and every year I am amazed at the generosity of all those who have contributed. In these 6 years we have raised two full scholarships of $100,000. BC TEAL very generously matched every dollar that was donated and together we have ALL done something truly amazing. This year I will be slowing down a bit and only doing the Grouse Grind once but I hope you will support me again as we seek to enhance these Refugee Awards. The more we raise the more help we can provide. Thank you once again for your generous support.

My goal is to collect $2500.00

So far, I have collected $2850.00

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Name Date
darrin sutton2017-04-30
Joy Lin Salzberg2017-04-30
Joe Dobson2017-05-01
Mihee Haring2017-05-03
Catherine Evashuk2017-05-08
Laura Blumenthal2017-05-08
Scott Douglas2017-05-10
Andrea Mackenzie2017-05-16
Adriana del Paso Gordillo2017-05-28
Jeff Verbeem2017-06-01
Todd Odgers2017-06-08
Michael Galli2017-06-09
Adrian Thibodeau2017-06-11
Tracy Wang2017-06-11
Brian Olsen2017-06-12
stephane bourgeault2017-06-14
Michael McCarthy2017-06-14
Emilia Galli2017-06-14
Marita Luk2017-06-14
Dominic Walton2017-06-14
Roberta Russell2017-06-15
Yung Wu2017-06-16
Shannon Storey2017-06-22

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