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Shawna Williams

As a member of the BC TEAL board, I have proudly supported the efforts of the climbers over the past few years, but have been unable to participate myself. This year I have no excuse not to join in! Further, having heard the incredible refugee stories of Kim Phuc and David Falconer at the 2015 Annual Conference, I am determined to do my part–however small–to contribute to a young refugee’s quest to attend school in Canada for the betterment of their own life and their family’s. This is a great cause and I’m honoured to participate.

My goal is to collect $250.00

So far, I have collected $545.00

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Name Date
Brenda Lohrenz2015-08-11
Vania Ganacheva2015-08-12
Cherry Williams2015-08-25
Janet Les2015-09-10
Erin Smith2015-09-13
Karen Densky2015-09-13
Corinne McBride2015-09-13

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