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Team ELI

We feel strongly about this important cause and are proud to participate again this year with such a passionate bunch of climbers and organizers!

Team members: Janelle Caballero, Sergio Caballero, Patricia Nicoli, Ben Waller, Sylvia Ozbalt, Naomi Sawai

Our goal is to collect $500.00

So far, we have collected $370.00

Please fill in the form below.  Donations will be processed by PayPal.

Name Date
Sylvia Ozbalt2017-05-18
Patricia Fodor2017-05-25
Greg Anslow2017-05-28
Benoit Waller2017-06-08
Peter Lesyk2017-06-12
Janelle Caballero2017-06-22
Naomi Sawai2017-06-23

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