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We’re thrilled to take part in the Climb for the Cause. The costs of getting by in BC are high even for Canadians, however to a refugee with limited family, money, or network, the odds seem stacked unfavourably. When we saw the last recipient receive this award we were moved to help contribute.

Please help us reach our goal of $200. Donate now! It’ll come back to you in the form of warm fuzzy feelings and beers the next time we see you.

Team members: Robin Steen, and Peter Beresford

Our goal is to collect $200.00

So far, we have collected $295.00

Please fill in the form below.  Donations will be processed by PayPal.

Name Date
Krystal Seko2015-09-11
Mi Young Kim2015-09-11
Carly Carson2015-09-11
Sheila Mattila2015-09-11
peter beresford2015-09-12
Robin Steen2015-09-13
Andrea Matthews2015-09-13
Cathy Chen2015-09-14
Adriana del Paso Gordillo Gordillo2015-09-14

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