TCF Award and Scholarship Winners

TCF Award and Scholarship Winners

TCF Award Winners

Kue K’nyawmupoe Wins the TCF Education Grant

Kue K’nyawmupoe has won the 2018 TCF Education Grant valued at $1500. Kue came to Canada from a refugee camp in Thailand in 2007. She was the first receipt of the TCF Refugee Award in 2012. For the past five years, She has worked full time and studied part time at Douglas College to achieve her dream of completing her Diploma in Community Social Service Work. Kue writes, “after completing my diploma program this year, I plan to work with refugees, new immigrant families and aboriginal people. If opportunity permits, my future goal is to complete a degree program in Social Work.”

Lava Mohamad Wins the 2018 Taiga Galli Refugee Award

Lava Mohamad has won this years Taiga Galli Refugee Award valued at $2500. Lava was born in a small city called Qamishli in Syria in 1999. Lava and her family escaped from Syria by travelling to Kurdistan in Iraq. On April 13, 2017 with the help of the North Lonsdale United Church, Lava’s family arrived in Canada. Lava’s dream is to become a doctor and she will use her award to begin post-secondary studies in science. Lava writes, “the main reason for choosing medicine is that I care about others and I want to help every single person especially if their lives are in danger.”

Boshra Moheq Wins the 2018 Taiga Galli Refugee Award

Boshra Moheq has won this year’s Taiga Galli Refugee Award valued at $2500. Boshra was born in Afganistan in 2000. After escaping from Afganistan, Boshra spent the first eleven years of her life living as a refugee in Peshawar in Pakistan, Mashhad in Iran, Cairo in Egypt and finally arriving in Vancouver in 2011. Boshra plans to study Social Sciences next year. Boshra feels that a university degree will “allow me to have the skills necessary to support [refugees] emotionally, mentally socially or economically.”

Maaden Tela Wins the 2018 TCF Refugee Award

Maaden Tela has won this years TCF Refugee Award valued at $2500. Tela was born in Sudan in 1998. Her journey as a refugee took her from Sudan to Eritrea, Egypt, and finally to Israel. She and her little sister spent four years separated from her father before coming to Canada in 2015. Tela has excelled academically and is currently on the Principal’s Honour Roll and has received an Outstanding Work Ethic Award at Bryne Creek Community School in Burnaby. She plans to use her award to study nursing. In this way, Tela writes that she will be able to “join [her] two passions: science and helping others”

Jessica Soomin Wins David Lam/BC TEAL ELL Scholarship

Jessica Soomin has been awarded the 2018 David Lam/BC TEAL ELL Scholarship valued at $2500. Jessica is an outstanding grade twelve student at Centennial Secondary in Coquitlam. Not only has Jessica achieved outstanding academic results but has also been an important contributor to her school’s Model U.N and valued volunteer at Places des Arts where she assists teachers, staff and young students. Jessica will use her scholarship to attend university and pursue her dream of becoming a bioengineer.

Andrea Solnes, Diana Jeffries, Mohammed Alsaleh and Taslim Damji Win the 2018 AIDS and Health Education Award

Andrea Solnes, Diana Jeffries, Mohammed Alsaleh and Taslim Damji have been awarded this year’s Aids and Health Education Award valued at $3000 for their project, ‘A Holistic Approach to Refugee Men’s Health: An English Language Resource’. The health curriculum will provide appropriate English language resources and information to help and support refugee men to achieve better physical and mental health as well as improve the mens’ overall sense of well-being. The results of this project will be shared with the English language professional community at the BC TEAL Conference and in the BC TEAL Journal.

Pacific Immigrant Resource Society Awarded the 2018 Project Funding Award

PIRS has been awarded a 2018 Project Funding Award valued at $2000. The primary focus of the PIRS project is to help develop a training manual and a curriculum for a 12-week women’s leadership class. The curriculum will focus on English language and intercultural competencies for women at a language level of CLB 4 or higher. The curriculum will lead participants to become civically engaged, develop leadership skills and enhance their intercultural competencies.

Vera Ziwei Wu Wins the 2018 Nan Poliakoff Memorial Award

Vera Ziwei Wu Vera Ziwei Wu has been awarded the 2018 Nan Poliakoff Memorial Award valued at $750. Vera will use her award to travel to the 2018 BC TEAL Conference and to the 2018 TESOL Conference to present her research on the effectiveness of TESOL programs and career support for TESOL professionals with diverse academic and cultural backgrounds.

Cari-Ann Roberts Gotta Wins the 2018 TEAL/TESOL Award

Cari-Ann Roberts Gotta has won the 2018 TEAL/TESOL Award valued at $1000. Cari-Ann is TEAL’s regional representative for the Kootneys. She will use her award to attend the 2018 BC TEAL Conference and share her experience and learning from the conference with English language instructors and colleagues at Selkirk College.

Taslim Damji Wins the 2018 LISTN Resource Award

Congratulations go to Taslim Damji, recipient of the 2018 LISTN Resource Award. Taslim will use her award to create a resource of easy to use interactive task-based activities anchored in intercultural theory. The resource will also apply Native teachings that relate to a 4 step framework of Belonging, Independence, Mastery and Generosity. These CLB aligned materials are intended for use in LINC and English language classrooms as well as settlement groups locally, provincially and nation-wide.

The 2018 BC TEAL Conference Awarded a 2018 Project Funding Award

The 2018 BC TEAL Conference has been awarded a Project Funding Award valued at $2000 to support the cost of providing three well-recognized and accomplished keynote/plenary speakers at the 2018 BC TEAL Conference. Each year, the BC TEAL Conference brings together the English language professional community for two full days of professional development featured presentations, workshops, panel discussions, networking events, a publishers’ display and outstanding international keynote/plenary speakers.

TCF Award Winners