Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What membership category should I choose?

A: Please note that membership benefits are the same for all categories.

  • Regular Member – This option is for anyone, regardless of the field of employment.
  • Regular Member (multi-year options) – Choose to renew for longer than one year and save!
  • BC TESOL (BCTF K-12) – Specifically for BC Teacher’s Federation individuals who are also members of the BC TESOL Provincial Specialists Association.
  • Unemployed/Retired
  • Full-time Student
  • Low Income – This option is for anyone whose income is $25,000 or less per annum.


Q: What is BC TEAL's relationship with TESL CANADA?

A: You can find information regarding the relationship between BC TEAL and TESL Canada by clicking here.

Q: What kind of activities does BC TEAL do?

A: There are many activities and intiatives that BC TEAL engages in including conferences, professional development and events, publications, awareness raising initiatives, regional representative programs, collaborations with other organizations, as well as supporting initiatives of the TEAL Charitable Foundation. To find out more, click here.

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