The Membership Committee

The membership committee recruits, supports, and retains members of the BC TEAL community. The committee also maintains the relationship between BC TEAL and Supporting Institutions. An important part of the committee is pursuing partnerships with businesses to provide benefits to our members and supporting institutions. The membership committee works closely with the Social Media Committee to communicate benefits and opportunities for BC TEAL members.

Positions of the Membership Committee:

  • Membership Committee Chair - Arranges meetings, communicates membership issues, initiate membership projects.
  • Recruitment/Outreach Coordinator (Available) - Develops initiatives to recruit new members, communicates with TESL providers about BC TEAL, keeps up to date contact lists of TESL providers in BC Supporting Institutions.
  • Recruitment and Liaison (Available) - Increases the number of supporting institutions, engages supporting institutions and communicates the value of membership with BC TEAL.
  • Engagement and Retention Coordinator (Available) - Engages new members, communicates membership benefits, focuses on membership retention.
  • Benefits specialist (Available) - Pursues new membership benefits, maintains business partnerships with benefit providers.