The Social Media Committee

The Social Media Committee manages all social media channels of BC TEAL, covering information and messages from the board including reminders, notices and information about BC TEAL upcoming events, as well as information that would be of interest to the membership at large. It provides perfect opportunities for content creators and social media lovers to try new ideas, be creative and practice social media skills while supporting our members.

We are looking for the following positions with an expectation of minimum time commitment:

  • Assistant Social Media Chair(8-10 hrs./month)
  • Blog Support (6-10 hrs./month)
  • Social Media Content Creator(5 hrs./month)
  • Social Media Graphic Designer(5 hrs./month)
  • Twitter Administrator(5 hrs./month)

Social Media Committee Members should have some experience in creating content for social media, but do not have to be experts; they must be available to fulfill the minimal time commitment on average.